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The Benly is Honda's purpose built delivery scooter, a true work horse perfect for businesses who offer delivery. Powered by an economical 108cc engine with PGM-FI fuel injection for optimal reliability and getting more deliveries done with the generous 10L tank. Get your products to customers efficiently with the Honda Benly. Hondaís Combined Braking System (CBS), which links the front and rear brakes, provide swift and stable braking regardless of rider experience or road conditions.

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The Vulcan S SE stands apart, with its Parallel Twin engine, unique frame and suspension layout, and its very non-traditional looks. Unlike any other cruiser, the Vulcan S SE is geared to fit a wide range of riders. Never taking away from its stylish features, this bike takes comfort, adjustability and ease of use to another level. Designed for independent-minded riders, it does not require the rider to conform to any herd mentality fashion or lifestyle. Special attention paid to ensuring high levels of fit & comfort, and confidence in riding make the Vulcan S SE an attractive option for new riders and female riders looking for a stylish, accommodating motorcycle. Accessible in all senses of the word, with the Vulcan S riders can come as they are, and just get on and go. LAMS ready with a low seat height the Vulcan S SE ticks all the boxes.

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A very rare opportunity has arisen, for the first time in Australian history a second hand Kawasaki Ninja H2R is being sold. If you havenít seen, heard or witnessed the extreme power, speed and sound of the Ninja H2R it is something to behold. With looks that divide the masses yet intrigue all that come across it and a power output of over 300ps this bike is by no means anything less than extreme. The Kawasaki Ninja H2R is bred for the race track. Be it a Drag strip, Salt lake or traditional circuit the flexibility of this machine will astound the rider and anyone lucky enough to be witness to the cracking sound from the full titanium open megaphone style exhaust. There were only 20 examples of the Ninja H2R ever imported into Australia. This particular motorcycle has only 149km on the clock and comes complete with tyre warmers and stands for track use. Below is an outline of the factory specs. If you would like to see this exact bike in action then follow this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLpTrgEfbis

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Up for sale is this beautifully kept Harley-Davidson Sportster Custom. The grunty 1200cc V-twin pushes along a comparatively narrow Harley frame, offering comfort and style. Contact our sales team today! Price includes 3 months rego, stamp duty, 90 day SAMC warranty and a full tank of BP Ultimate fuel.

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